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Preparing for a Session & COVID Safety

We are committed to keeping everyone safe and healthy!

A few things to note and prepare for an in-home session:


The Space: We will need a space in your home that is free and clear of all objects, approximately 7ft x 11ft. Ideally this space would be outdoors on a covered porch or level ground to maximize ventilation. If an outdoor space is not available, we will need to be in a room with a window that opens and a fan to increase circulation. During colder months you are welcome to use a space heater/fan. We will provide a table warmer and blanket when possible.


Masks: Are required at all times and throughout the session. If we will be encountering another person in the home they must also wear a mask. We recommend KN95 or N95s.


Cleaning & Supplies: We will bring all the supplies needed and disinfect everything after every session. If you would like to provide any of the supplies (massage table, sheets, pillows, towels, chair etc) to reduce the items we bring into your home please let us know in advance. 

Additionally, we will need a place, preferably a bathroom, to wash our hands before and after the session.

Vaccination: We are vaccinated and boosted against COVID-19. Vaccination is no longer required. 

Arrival Procedure: We will arrive between 10-15 min prior to your scheduled appointment time to set up the space and conduct an intake with you. Please let us know if parking is available at your home. We will text or call the number we have on file with any updates on arrival.

We've found the above protocols provide everyone with the best protection against exposure to COVID-19 as well as many other illnesses.

If you have any questions or concerns about these protocols please contact us.

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